South Korea and Cuba finalize plans for opening embassies

Both South Korea and Cuba said on Wednesday that they will be sending ambassadors within the next week after finalizing preparations to build embassies in Seoul and Havana.

The situation occurred when North Korea was unprepared for Cuba’s first team to visit South Korea following the two nations’ agreement to restore relations in February.

Cuba has long been seen by North Korea as one of its closest “socialist brethren,” with state media frequently portraying the Caribbean island as a success story despite the difficulties it endures as a result of the trade embargo imposed by the United States.

The group visited the South Korean Ministry of Foreign activities and had talks with the Korean side, led by Deputy Minister for Political Affairs Chung Byung-won. Carlos Miguel Pereira, director general of bilateral activities at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, led the mission.

Seoul and Havana decided at their meeting on Wednesday to work together on many international and regional issues and to establish embassies as soon as feasible. A representative for the South Korean foreign ministry, Lim Soo-suk, stated at a press conference.

Deputy Minister Chung went into further detail, stating that diplomatic personnel will be sent to Havana later this week and that a temporary office would be established during the first half of this year.

Meanwhile, Director General Pereira announced that Cuban employees started working in South Korea last month and that the Cuban Embassy will open shortly.

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