WHO launches new project to help 900,000 Somalis affected by climate events

MOGADISHU, China, June 12, Xinhua The World Health Organization (WHO) declared on Wednesday that it has started a new initiative with the goal of providing life-saving treatments to around 900,000 individuals by 2024.

The project is aimed at Somalians who are still dealing with the effects of extreme weather events including droughts and floods, according to the WHO.

The initiative aims to enhance the quality, accessibility, and coverage of critical care by fortifying the referral connections between healthcare facilities and communities. This involves providing children with severe acute malnutrition and medical issues with in-patient care in stabilization facilities,” the UN health agency stated in a statement released in Somalia’s capital, Mogadishu.

The severe Gu (April to June) rains are expected to prolong the epidemic, perhaps resulting in flash floods.

According to the WHO, it will also support the Ministry of Health and Human Services of Somalia in enhancing district-level disease outbreak prevention, early identification, and timely response. This includes cholera.

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