Dr. Praphaporn Chantrasmi, Director of International Cooperation Division, Office of the Prime Minister of Thailand, Leads Global Changemakers Summit in Bangkok

In a prestigious gathering focused on celebrating global innovation and fostering positive transformation, the Global Changemakers Summit held in Bangkok, Thailand, featured Dr. Praphaporn Chantrasmi as its esteemed Chief Guest. Dr. Chantrasmi, serving as the Director of the International Cooperation Division at the Office of the Prime Minister of Thailand, graced the event with her distinguished presence, highlighting the summit’s significance in promoting international collaboration and development initiatives.

As the representative of the Prime Minister’s office, Dr. Chantrasmi brought a wealth of experience and insight into global cooperation and diplomacy. Her participation underscored the Thai government’s dedication to supporting initiatives driving positive change on a global scale, particularly in social and environmental realms.

The summit provided a platform for influential leaders from diverse backgrounds to convene and exchange ideas, strategies, and solutions for addressing urgent global challenges. Dr. Chantrasmi’s keynote address emphasized the importance of collaboration and partnership in achieving sustainable development goals, stressing the role of innovation and technology in shaping a brighter future.

Throughout the summit, Dr. Chantrasmi’s presence inspired attendees to intensify their efforts in promoting positive change within their communities and beyond. Her commitment to fostering international cooperation and dialogue served as a source of hope and motivation for all participants.

As the Global Changemakers Summit concluded, Dr. Chantrasmi’s resonating address served as a rallying call to continue striving for a more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous world. Her participation reaffirmed the significance of global collaboration in tackling humanity’s complex challenges, with her insights poised to guide future initiatives for positive global transformation.

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