Investigation of the explosion near the Israel Embassy in Delhi by the Bomb Squad and Anti-Terror Agency

The Bomb Squad and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) are looking into the explosion that happened close to the Israel Embassy in Delhi. Delhi Police reacted right away after learning of the occurrence on Tuesday night. The embassy has been subject to increased security as a result of the Gaza conflict.

The Delhi Police’s Special Cell, NSG commandos, a dog squad, and members of the NIA also inspected the bomb site in central Delhi. Sources state that samples of leaves and grass were taken from the location in order to look for traces of explosives. These samples will be examined by forensic specialists.

After the explosion, a security guard outside the embassy reported hearing a loud bang that sounded like a tire blowing and saw smoke coming from next to a tree at about 5 p.m. A more extensive search turned up a “abusive” letter wrapped in a flag that was addressed to the Israeli envoy, despite the first sweep turning up nothing. The “indecent” language in the English letter indicated a group named “Sir Allah Resistance.”

Because there are more than 100 cameras in the vicinity, the process of examining the CCTV footage is taking a long time, according to the authorities. The movements of two possible suspects are being monitored prior to, during, and following the explosion. Mobile phone signals are being examined in an attempt to determine their identities, albeit it is difficult due to the large number of devices in the vicinity.

Ohad Nakash Kaynar, an Israeli official, verified the explosion and guaranteed the security of all ambassadors and embassy personnel. An advise for Israelis in India, especially in New Delhi, tells them to stay away from popular areas and not to wear Israeli emblems in public.

Guidelines from Tel Aviv warn against attending unguarded gatherings and disclosing travel information on social media. The advice places a strong emphasis on exercising caution and avoiding externalizing Israeli symbols given the state of present security.

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