“Israeli Embassy Blast Investigation: Police Pursue Leads on ‘Person of Interest'”

While the low-intensity bomb near the Israeli Embassy is being investigated, authorities are actively searching for an unidentified person who traveled from South Delhi’s Jamia Nagar to the blast location in an auto-rickshaw. This individual is a “person of interest” to detectives, despite the fact that his identification was not known until late Thursday night.

Law enforcement is now concentrating a lot of effort on the person who left the scene shortly before the explosion. After tracking down and questioning the driver of the first autorickshaw, the authorities were able to ascertain that the passenger got off at Prithviraj Road. The second auto-rickshaw that carried the passenger on its way towards India Gate is being identified.

In order to facilitate identification efforts, those spotted in the neighborhood of the Israeli embassy and on Prithviraj Road, close to the explosion site, both before and after the event, are being closely examined using a facial recognition system. CCTV footage from earlier days and weeks is also being examined to see if any suspects visited the locations for reconnaissance.

At least eight people have recorded statements, but no first information report (FIR) has been filed yet, and forensic examination reports from the explosion site are still awaited. There have been no reports of casualties or property damage from the low-intensity explosion, which happened in the high-security Lutyens’ zone around 250 meters away from the Israeli embassy.

At the scene, an English-language, one-page note addressed to the Israeli ambassador was found. Israel’s operations against Palestinians in Gaza since October 7 were mentioned in the letter. The Israeli embassy declared the incident to be a “possible terror attack” and advised people to stay away from crowded events and public areas. The embassy has responded by implementing increased security measures and keeping the police on high alert.”

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