Official: According to Venezuela, leaving opposition aides in the Argentine embassy is not permitted.

Six opposition advisers who have sought safety in the Argentine embassy in Caracas will not be allowed to exit Venezuela, a governing party spokesman declared late on Wednesday.

This month, top Argentine officials informed Reuters that President Nicolas Maduro’s administration had broken its April pledge to permit the aides to depart. Prior to the presidential elections in July, the opposition claims that Maduro is pursuing adversaries.

According to official sources, the administration of Javier Milei, the right-wing libertarian president of Argentina who has vocally sparred with Maduro, was planning to increase pressure on the matter and add that the six advisers face physical danger if they stay in the nation.

On his weekly television broadcast, Diosdado Cabello, the second-in-command of Venezuela’s ruling socialist party, declared, “Pressure? They will not pressurize us.”

“Today I think the response of the government of Venezuela came out: denied. There is no safe passage for those who do not love this country,” Cabello stated.

Following the announcement of arrest warrants for their conspiratorial behavior by the attorney general’s office, the aides to opposition leader Maria Corina Machado of Venezuela requested asylum in March.

Machado was replaced as the opposition’s candidate after the Supreme Court upheld a ban on her holding public office. Machado has denied any claims of misbehavior by her team.

She has persisted in advocating for Edmundo Gonzalez, the officially registered candidate. Reuters

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