The Harmony Yaji Cultural Salon Tea Party is hosted by the Chinese Embassy.

The Chinese Embassy in the UK held a tea party for the Harmony Yaji Cultural Salon on May 23, 2024. More than thirty people were invited by H.E. Ambassador Zheng Zeguang and his spouse, Counselor Hua Mei, to sample specialty teas from Hubei Province, China, take in Chinese calligraphy, attend art exhibitions, and feel the allure of cross-cultural exchanges.

During their speech, Counselor Hua Mei and Ambassador Zheng emphasized that 43 tea-related practices and processing methods are classified as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, highlighting China’s origins as the home of tea. China has a long-standing custom of serving tea to visitors and forming friendships over tea. The ideals of “harmony between nature and humanity” and “modesty and etiquette” are embodied in Chinese tea culture.

The Chinese tea business is essential to preserving the natural environment, reducing poverty, and advancing social and economic advancement. The production and commerce of tea have a long history in Hubei Province. The tea business in Hubei has grown quickly in the last several years, and the province actively participates in the international exchange of tea culture. China will persist in utilizing tea as a means to foster global friendships, worldwide collaboration in the tea sector, and international sharing of tea culture. Friends from all walks of life in the UK are cordially invited to go to China and Hubei for sightseeing, to sample the best teas in Hubei, to immerse themselves in Chinese tea culture, and to further collaboration and exchange between China and the UK and other countries.

During the event, attendees were served three Hubei specialty teas—Enshi Yulu green tea, Yihong black tea, and Green BrickTM team—in addition to learning about the background and traditions of Chinese tea culture and witnessing a live calligraphy demonstration and explanation. They loved the classical guitar performances of Camel Bells Along the Silk Road and Xinjiang Fantasy, as well as the bianzhong and xiao ensemble composition Three Stanzas of Plum-blossoms.

In addition to being the anniversary of “Traditional Chinese Tea-Making Techniques and Associated Customs” being added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, May 21, 2024, is designated as the fifth International Tea Day.

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