China’s embassy and cross-departmental joint working group honor their countrymen who have passed away in Pakistan.

While visiting a hospital on Friday, Chinese diplomats and members of a cross-departmental joint working group in Pakistan expressed their sorrow over the deaths of five Chinese people in a terrorist attack.

Head of the joint working group Bai Tian and Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Jiang Zaidong led all the staff to stand in silence and bow three times in front of their photos.

According to Ma Mingwei, who leads a working group from Energy China and China Gezhouba Group Corporation, the five detained citizens serve as outstanding ambassadors for the company’s international initiatives and serve as living examples of the goodwill between China and Pakistan. Their selflessness has enhanced the close connection between China and Pakistan.Jiang and Bai, who are also in charge of the Chinese foreign ministry’s Department of External Security Affairs, showed the company’s employees the concern and kindness of the Chinese government and urged them to cooperate in order to get through the challenges.

Tuesday’s terrorist attack claimed the lives of five Chinese and one Pakistani national as they traveled from Islamabad to the Dasu Hydropower Project in the northwest province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

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