Danish diplomat requests action on the filthy lane outside its embassy in Delhi.

New Delhi: On Wednesday, Danish Ambassador to India Freddy Svane used social media to draw attention to a service lane that was overflowing with trash close to the Danish Embassy in this city and urged officials to take the appropriate action.

In the afternoon, the envoy shared a video on X with the comment, “Beautiful and verdant New Delhi.” A lot of talk, but little action. This @DenmarkinIndia @CMODelhi @LtGovDelhi saddens me.

Svane is seen in the video pointing to the rubbish and building debris that are scattered on both sides of the highway while standing in the midst of it.

In the video, he remarked, “Welcome to great, green, and trashy New Delhi.”

The ambassador also indicated the buildings housing the Danish and Greek embassies on either side of the lane.

The Danish embassy is located here, and the Greek embassy is located over there. This should be a service lane, but as you can see, it’s clogged with rubbish, and people are just throwing anything they want in there. Therefore, I’m hoping that someone will read this and act. “No more kind words, my friends. Just action,” he continued.

When questioned about the footage, a senior New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) official stated, “It (the service lane) was cleaned after the matter came to light.” We’ll also take steps to prevent a similar civic incident from happening in the future.

The primary diplomatic residence of the nation, Chanakyapuri, is home to the Danish Embassy.

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