Chinese Embassy gives Basketball Fiji a donation of $20,000.

When the Chinese Embassy gave $20,000 to the Federation, basketball Fiji’s preparation for the Asia Cup Tier 2 competition the following year got a much-needed boost.

The funding will also help the Federation continue to strengthen its programs for local talent development and national sport promotion.

This gift is in line with the Embassy’s ongoing efforts to support and promote sports in the area. A similar donation assisted Basketball Fiji in preparing its national teams for the 2023 Pacific Games, where the men’s and women’s teams triumphed with gold and bronze medals, respectively.

Chinese Ambassador to Fiji Zhou Jian expresses gratitude for the donation and their shared commitment to supporting sports careers in the nation, saying they are honored to be able to support Basketball Fiji.

He went on to say that he was confident that the financial support will help with both the national teams’ preparation and the various competition levels across the nation, particularly among primary and secondary schools.

Iowane Naivalurua, the president of basketball Fiji, sent his sincere appreciation to the Chinese Embassy for their kindness, unwavering support of the Federation, and dedication to the growth of sports in Fiji.

Naivalurua praised the Embassy and reflected on their prior financial support, saying that it allowed them to win the gold medal at the  Pacific Games.

He also emphasized how the Federation’s ongoing support has enabled it to grow the sport in the nation while simultaneously fostering national development and improving people who will go on to lead the nation through its many programs.

The men’s basketball team from Fiji will go through a number of practices leading up to the Asia Cup Tier 2 competition, which will be held in China the following year.

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