DUVerify and the Korea Embassy in India ink a deal for document verification.

A contract has been signed by DuVerify LLC-FZ, a DuDigital Global Ltd. subsidiary, and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to India. With this agreement, DuVerify LLC-FZ achieves a noteworthy milestone and solidifies its standing as a reliable supplier of document verification services.

DuDigital Global Ltd is a provider of specialized services for immigration, global company registration, and visa processing administrative responsibilities.

As per the agreement, DuVerify LLC-FZ will offer the Republic of Korea Embassy in India comprehensive document verification services to guarantee the validity and integrity of vital papers. Through this collaboration, DuVerify LLC-FZ is able to further solidify its position in the document verification sector and demonstrates its dedication to providing high-quality solutions.

Shivaz Rai, Director of DuVerify LLC-FZ, stated, “We are thrilled to collaborate with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to India and fulfill their document verification needs. “This contract demonstrates our proficiency and commitment to offering our clients dependable and effective services.”

Maintaining the highest standards of corporate governance and regulatory compliance is a priority for DuDigital Global Ltd. This agreement with the Republic of Korea’s Embassy in India is in line with the business’s strategic goals and shows that it can create strong alliances in important markets.

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