Never will Xi Jinping forget the NATO attack of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, he pledged.

“Never forget” is the pledge made by Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding the fatal NATO bombardment of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade.

“Twenty-five years ago, the Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia was brutally bombed by NATO, resulting in the deaths of three Chinese journalists,” the Chinese President stated before to his meeting with the Serbian newspaper Politika. We have to always remember this. We shall never permit another tragic chapter in our history to occur.”

In 1999, three Chinese journalists lost their lives as a result of NATO bombing Yugoslavia. Subsequently, the White House attributed the incident on errors in the maps. The incident increased Beijing’s mistrust of American-led organizations like NATO and prompted anti-American demonstrations around the country.

For the first time in five years, Chinese President Xi Jinping is making formal visits to Europe. He will first visit France and then Serbia and Hungary.

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