Indian Embassy issues emergency numbers for citizens amid tsunami warnings

New Delhi, January 1 (IANS) In response to the earthquake and tsunami warning, the Indian Embassy in Japan opened an emergency control room for its nationals on Monday and stated that it is in contact with relevant authorities.

The following was stated in a post on X: “Everyone who has any questions regarding the earthquake and tsunami on January 1, 2024, should contact the Embassy’s emergency control room.”

The Indian Embassy provided the following emergency numbers: +81-8039301715 (Yakub Topno), +81-7014920049 (Ajay Sethi), +81-8032144734 (D.N. Barnwal), +81-8062295382 (S. Bhattacharya), and +81-8032144722 (Vivek Rathee) in a photo that was attached to the post.

Those in need of assistance can also get in touch with the embassy via email at [email protected] and [email protected].

The embassy also exhorted Indian nationals to heed local government directives.

The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) reports that a series of powerful earthquakes, with major ones measuring up to 7.6 magnitude, struck the central Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa on Monday. As a result, tsunami warnings were issued.

According to the JMA, after a series of powerful earthquakes struck Japan’s western coast on Monday afternoon, even waves as high as 1.2 meters were seen.

Earlier in the day, a large area on the Sea of Japan coast in central Japan was struck by powerful earthquakes, with major ones measuring as high as 7.6 magnitude, according to the JMA.

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