Professor Bruce Gilley’s claim is denied by the US embassy, which maintains that travel to Malaysia is still safe.

In response to American researcher Bruce Gilley’s assertion that travel to Malaysia is unsafe, the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur has confirmed that it is.
It added in a statement, “There is no change to the US travel advisory, which remains at Level 1, the lowest level out of four.”

The United States Bureau of Consular Affairs states that Level 1 is the lowest safety and security recommendation level, with Level 4 being a “do not travel” level.

At Level 1, it said that visitors should take standard safety precautions while in the nation.

Since its previous update on July 24, 2023, Malaysia has been on Level 1, according to the US State Department’s website. Furthermore, the country information about Malaysia indicates that there are positive bilateral ties between the two countries.

People-to-people trades have a long history, and economic linkages are strong. It stated, “Malaysia is a significant partner in US engagement with Southeast Asia and has a diverse democracy.”

Using the social networking platform, he announced his departure from Malaysia, citing fears for his safety stemming from a “government-whipped Islamo-fascist mob.”

Gilley was invited to lecture at the University of Malaya (UM) recently, which sparked debate.

During his speech, Gilley allegedly asserted that Malaysia had pushed for a “second Holocaust against the Jewish people” and minimized the nation’s connections to the US.

Gilley has since returned to America after Higher Education Minister Dr. Zambry Abd Kadir called off all of Gilley’s events.

He made a post that further infuriated people when he said that he would not take payment from the institution for his travel expenses and would instead encourage people to donate to his expenses through an internet platform.

“[Gilley] posted too much on social media about how safe it is to go in Malaysia. It can incite animosity among all Malaysians and is reckless,” UM stated in a statement.

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