The Chinese Embassy in Canada disputes claims of foreign meddling

A spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Canada said on Friday that the country is “strongly dissatisfied and firmly opposed” to the unfounded allegation of “China’s interference in Canada’s internal affairs.”

China, Russia, and India were among the nations sharply criticized in the preliminary report that Canada’s Foreign Interference Commission released on Friday, accusing them of meddling in the country’s general elections in 2019 and 2021.

“We have no intention of meddling in Canada’s domestic affairs, and we have never done so. The spokesperson added that China has continuously maintained the principle of non-interference in other countries’ internal affairs. “The attempts by certain Canadian politicians to shift blame onto China for their own electoral failures are unfair and unethical, revealing their self-serving and shameless nature,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesman claimed that the report lacked credibility and was full with contradictions and ideological prejudice.

The spokesperson stated that “not all of the information provided below necessarily has been corroborated or fully assessed,” despite the fact that it makes claims based on “intelligence” and employs deceptive language such as “may,” “might,” and “potential.”

The spokesperson claimed that such conflicting claims call into question the veracity of the report and point to a calculated attempt to mislead the public.

The spokesperson continued, “Canada has a history of egregiously meddling in China’s internal affairs on matters pertaining to China’s core interests, including Taiwan, Xinjiang, Xizang, and Hong Kong.”

The spokesperson claimed that by openly and covertly endorsing and bolstering separatist actions, it aims to threaten China’s security and stability. “These are clear and well-grounded facts.”

The spokeswoman compared Canada’s conduct to a thief pleading with others to apprehend them. “We urge the Canadian side to respect the facts, abandon ideological bias, and stop groundlessly attacking China,” a representative stated.

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