The Thai embassy delivers supplies of aid to Ishikawa

The strong earthquake that struck the Noto Peninsula on New Year’s Day affected a large number of foreign visitors. In response, food supplies have been sent to Ishikawa Prefecture by the Thai embassy in Japan. Large amounts of coconut water, jasmine rice, and noodles are among the supplies, which have been carefully stored in Tokyo to help those in the areas that have been hit the hardest.

This relief effort benefited from the kind donations made by Thai food companies in Japan. In an effort to console individuals in need, Pimjai Matsumoto, president of one such business, emphasized the availability of retort Jasmine rice, which can be eaten raw.

2,500 kg of food and necessary supplies like sanitary napkins and medication are packed into 280 cardboard boxes. The Royal Thai Embassy’s consul, Achara Chaiyasan, stated that the embassy is aware of the Covid-19 outbreak that is occurring in the affected area and that they offer Thai herbal cough remedies.

More than a thousand Thai people live in Ishikawa Prefecture; following the earthquake, many of them contacted the embassy in search of water. Language barriers became evident when foreigners encountered difficulties because the majority of information regarding water supply points was only available in Japanese.

Together with a non-profit organization that helps foreigners in Ishikawa, the embassy made the decision to help people who weren’t Thai citizens. The Royal Thai Embassy’s Charge d’Affaires, Prangtip Kanchanahattakij, expressed solidarity with the victims and emphasized the Embassy’s commitment to helping not only the Thai people but also Japanese and other foreigners affected by the earthquake.

On Wednesday, relief supplies from Thailand are expected to arrive in the earthquake-affected area.

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