Embassy driver’s request for bail denied

Extra Sessions and Districts The bail motion was denied by Judge Mohammad Sohail. Bhara Kahu native Babar Rashid was employed as a driver for the Norwegian embassy.

He had taken out a loan of Rs. 16.5 million from the embassy to help his cancer-stricken wife. But he used the Health Card service to pay for her medical care and gave the hospital just Rs 900 in payment.

The accused allegedly gave fictitious medical bills to the embassy, according to the First Information Report filed with the Secretariat police over the embassy’s complaint. According to the FIR, he conned a foreign mission and manufactured fictitious health official stamps for the illegal conduct. It said that the accused damaged the nation’s reputation.

The investigation’s supervisor, Tahir Kazim, Director of Law Enforcement, told the court that the police had found the laptop the accused had used to prepare phony medical bills and stamps for forgeries. He said that witnesses had also testified against him.

The judge rejected the plea, ruling that the accused was not eligible to bail relief despite the fact that the situation was of “exceptional nature.”

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