Embassy in UK celebrates Chinese New Year

In honor of the impending Chinese Lunar New Year, the Chinese Embassy in the UK held a reception in London on Tuesday.

Ambassador Zheng Zeguang spoke to Chinese delegates from overseas during the event, stressing the value of their function as links between China and the UK.

Zheng outlined major accomplishments in the two-year bilateral relationship, such as the trade volume surpassing $100 billion in the previous year, the presence of over 200,000 Chinese students enrolled in UK universities, and the continuous endeavors of Chinese enterprises to foster mutually advantageous economic cooperation.

Reiterating China’s clear and consistent policies toward the UK, he placed a strong emphasis on the values of communication and cooperation. He emphasized the significance of fostering communication, understanding, and collaboration between the Chinese and British peoples.

Zheng conveyed her appreciation for the widespread involvement and ardent backing of overseas Chinese, recognizing their pivotal function in advancing Chinese culture and enabling interpersonal camaraderie. She also wished them well and prosperity in the Year of the Dragon.

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