Something burning was hurled at the Israeli consulate in The Hague.

Someone threw a flaming object towards the Israeli embassy in The Hague on Thursday, resulting in a temporary closure of the building. Police posted on social media that they had made one arrest.

The event took place on the Johan de Wittlaan, where the embassy is located, just before eleven in the morning.

The ambassador released a statement that stated, “Such attacks are unacceptable in the Netherlands.” This demonstrates the risks associated with the alarming trend of rising incitement and hatred. We cannot put up with this hatred.”The ambassador expressed his confidence that all necessary measures would be taken by the authorities to ensure that a similar situation never occurred again.

The mayor of The Hague, Jan van Zanen, had earlier stated that there was a “serious threat” and that the embassy was under heightened protection since mid-February. Black screens enclose the embassy, and security is always on duty.

Jewish schools and synagogues have also increased security in the wake of the October 7th Hamas raids and the ongoing Gaza conflict.

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