The Japanese Embassy has declared the MEXT Teachers Training Scholarship for the year 2024

Japan embassy announces MEXT teachers training scholarship 2024

The MEXT Teachers Training Scholarship 2024 has been formally announced by the Japanese Embassy in Pakistan. It is intended exclusively for Pakistani educators who have worked as primary or secondary school teachers for at least five years, in either public or private institution.

According to the scholarship’s eligibility requirements, teachers 35 years of age or younger are eligible to apply, the embassy said in a press release on Saturday.

The principal aim of this training opportunity is to facilitate research on Japanese school education for Pakistani teachers. By learning new teaching techniques and methodologies from Japanese experts, they will be able to further their professional development.

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) of Japan offers scholarships every year to foreign educators who wish to study school education as teacher trainees at specific Japanese educational institutions under the MEXT Scholarship program.

The maximum length of this non-degree training program is 18 months, and the applicant will get a certificate from a Japanese university upon fulfilling the necessary coursework.

Applications must be submitted by February 9, 2024. You can find comprehensive details about the program on the embassy’s website:

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