The US Embassy in London has issued a statement regarding the contentious tea recipe presented by an American professor.

Tea has always been a big part of UK culture, and there have never been any unusual recipes for it. But lately, Bryn Mawr College chemistry professor Michelle Francl, an American, shared a novel, scientifically supported recipe for the ideal cup of tea. One interesting component of the recipe is that it calls for adding salt to lessen the bitterness that is typically associated with black tea.

In her latest book “Steeped: The Chemistry of Tea,” Francl offers more insights into her knowledge of tea. She recommends adding a squeeze of lemon to remove any surface “scum” from the beverage.

Professor Francl discussed the inspiration behind her book in an interview with the Daily Mail, highlighting the frequency of less-than-ideal tea encounters in the US. She called attention to everyday habits like drinking warm tap water, calling it “horrific.” Even though she grew up in an area where coffee consumption is deeply ingrained in the culture, Francl said that she has always preferred tea and has spent a great deal of time learning about its subtleties.

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