Relief supplies are sent by the Thai Embassy to earthquake-affected central Japan.

Thai Embassy sends relief supplies to quake-hit central Japan

To help those in the worst-hit areas, a sizable amount of noodles, coconut water, and jasmine rice have been gathered in Tokyo. Japanese-based Thai food companies contributed some of these provisions.

One of these companies’ presidents, Pimjai Matsumoto, explains why she is offering assistance. She highlights the availability of pre-cooked jasmine rice in retort packs. Matsumoto is heartbroken for the people who are suffering and says that all they can do is send these supplies and pray. By offering these comforts, the hope is to warm the hearts of those who are impacted. The supplies were packed into about 300 cardboard boxes, totaling 2,500 kilograms in weight.

The Royal Thai Embassy Consul, Achara Chaiyasan, reports that the embassy has sent out Thai herbal cough remedies and expresses concerns regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Thai citizens in Ishikawa Prefecture requested water assistance from their embassy after the earthquake. The problem, though, is that the majority of information regarding water supply locations is only available in Japanese, which makes it difficult for visitors who don’t speak the language fluently.

In order to overcome distribution challenges brought about by damaged roads and a lack of space and staff in Ishikawa, the Thai Embassy partnered with YOU-I, a nonprofit. This organization employs volunteers and delivery workers to deliver aid to the underprivileged in Ishikawa. It also provides support in 20 languages and organized storage space.

Notably, Thai nationals are not the only ones eligible for assistance. On January 22, more than a dozen technical trainees from Myanmar who were receiving housing assistance but were unemployed and food insecure were given assistance by YOU-I. The Thai Embassy expresses solidarity as neighbors and members of the larger Asian family by reiterating their commitment to providing assistance to individuals outside of Thailand.

In charge of affairs In an effort to show the victims their sincere support, Prangtip Kanchanahattakij of the Royal Thai Embassy stresses that their assistance is not just for Thai people and declares their readiness to assist anyone impacted by the earthquake.

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