According to a statement released by the US Embassy, Quiboloy will “face justice for heinous crimes.”

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy is accused of crimes, and the US Embassy in the Philippines expressed confidence that he will be held accountable. In response to Quiboloy’s claims that the US and Philippine governments were plotting his murder, the embassy released a statement.

The spokeswoman for the US Embassy said, “For more than a decade, Apollo Quiboloy engaged in serious human rights abuses, including a pattern of systemic and pervasive rape of girls as young as 11 years old, and he is currently on the FBI’s Most Wanted List.”

As the “Appointed Son of God,” Quiboloy is presently being prosecuted in the US on forty-three counts.

“We are confident that Quiboloy will face justice for his heinous crimes,” said Gangopadhyay.

Speaker of the House Martin Romualdez, meantime, denied Quiboloy’s assertions and labeled them false. Romualdez reassured that the Philippine government and its representatives function within the bounds of the laws and constitution, emphasizing the importance of concentrating on the current legal issues.

The public was exhorted by Romualdez, a relative of President Marcos Jr., to use caution while ingesting information and to have faith in the country’s democratic processes and legal system.

In a YouTube video, Quiboloy bemoaned the five postponements of his trial and said that 20 attorneys were working on his case time since 2018.

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