US Embassy hosts TechCamp workshop for young journalists

US Embassy hosts TechCamp workshop for young journalists

From February 6–8, the US Embassy in Dhaka hosted a three-day TechCamp workshop with the goal of equipping 50 aspiring journalists with the skills they need to dispel false information, verify the facts, and discover the best practices for artificial intelligence (AI)
We are inundated with so much information every day that it is difficult for us to stay up to date. We frequently confuse facts and truths with rumors. It is very simple to get confused. After attending the inauguration program on Monday (Feb. 5), US Embassy Public Diplomacy Counselor Stephen Ibelli stated, “To meet this challenge, we need to equip ourselves with critical thinking and the correct tools to identify.”

TechCamp, which is organized by the US Department of State’s Educational and Cultural Affairs Bureau (ECA) in collaboration with the Global Youth Leadership Center (GYLC) Inc., encourages technological innovation and equips aspiring leaders to tackle real-world problems with practical solutions.
According to the statement, the US Embassy in Dhaka is still dedicated to upholding the rights of marginalized communities, encouraging technological innovation, and assisting Bangladeshi civil society.

This dedication includes initiatives like Youth Vote Matters, English language instruction, STEAM education, internet safety literacy, and tackling false information by collaborating with civil society organizations and alumni associations.

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